Strategic Risk Management

Safeguard Your Business

You can develop risk management in your business but you cannot make staff comply with it, you must trust them to do so. People, to be successful in anything they do, must have a desire to do it and this is where 9-Line can assist you in developing a culture of understanding and trust. This breeds passion which drives people to excel. 

Getting the right culture to support risk management across your business is the most important ingredient for success. The aviation industry have developed cultures that encourage flexible decision making and learning whilst allowing the business to thrive. These models can be adapted for any business, large or small, to develop your positive and supportive culture. 

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At 9-Line we realise that human factors are significant causes of errors in all aspects of businesses. Having a ruleset is rarely enough to assure compliance and thus protection of the business. Whilst we provide traditional risk management services using Bow-Tie XP methodology, our key focus for clients is the development of the underpinning cultures that encourage positive behaviours to reduce risk through compliance, a risk culture; and just as importantly those behaviours when controls don't prevent a mishap ensuring continuous improvement, a just culture.


Just Culture

Just Culture is a concept related to systems thinking that emphasises mistakes are generally a product of faulty organisational cultures, and not solely brought about by the person or persons directly involved.

A Just Culture is a learning culture allied to the continuous improvement off the organisation. The framework of a just culture ensures balanced accountability for individuals and the organisation responsible for designing and improving systems in the workplace.

9-Line can develop just culture frameworks, as part of a management system, that will encourage positive behaviours within organisations that in turn reduce risk exposure.

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Risk Culture

Risk culture is the “set of encouraged and acceptable behaviours, discussions, decisions and attitudes toward taking and managing risk within an institution.”

A positive risk culture will empower staff to understand the corporate position on risk and how their personal compliance is pivotal to the success of the corporate goals.

A desirable risk culture recognises a unique opportunity to evaluate the risks and options, within the business, either independently or with partners. Such a culture would provide a commercial advantage over competitors. 

9-Line can assist you in building a positive risk culture that balances innovation and trust with structured decision making tools that encourage cognitive, over impulsive behaviours.

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